"A collective forum of like minded truth seekers, utilising the power of social media as a mouthpiece.

Sharing our truth. THE truth.

We will be heard."

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About Us

We were created on the 2nd January 2021 with the intention of protesting on the anniversary of the first UK lockdown.

As the weeks went by the group grew beyond expectation and reached out to people across the country.

On 20th March 2021 we led the protest of 750,000 through the streets of London.

That day will go down in history; it was the first step towards Freedom and contesting government tyranny.


Official Voice was born.

Since then we have continued to bring people together in a drive to facilitate change, never wavering from our mission.

We stand for Freedom Of Choice.

We oppose Vaccine Passports

Enforced Child Vaccination


Legislation Passing As Law

Censorship By the Media

We the people are the Official Voice.


Official Voice Events

All of our events are planned with peace at the forefront


Upcoming Events

  • Birmingham July 24th 2021
    24 Jul 2021, 13:00
    Birmingham, Birmingham, UK
    Official_Voice march in the Midlands, first stop England's second city Birmingham!! Come join us in Birmingham on Saturday 24th July 2021, make your voice heard and take a stand against the government and the draconian measures waged on our freedom & rights since March 2020, enough is enough.
  • London Protest
    26 Jun 2021, 13:00
    Central London. Accurate Location TBC
    This is going to be big. Think 20th March, then think 24th April, now think 26th June...
  • Children's March
    19 Jun 2021, 19:00
    London, Central London, London SW1A 2DR, UK
  • Official Voice Open Top Bus Tour
    05 Jun 2021, 13:00
    Central London, Central London, Charing Cross, London SW1A 2DX, UK
    A tour of London, sharing information in an unmissable way!
  • Giant Cube of Truth
    17 Apr 2021, 13:00
    Kingston Town Centre
    A well-orchestrated outreach, formed in the shape of a cube, laden with information.
  • 20th March 2021 Protest
    20 Mar 2021, 13:00
    London, London, UK