We are one in a huge movement

Official Voice is one group in a movement of more than 2 million people. We support as many ideas and events as possible and will continue to organise as best we can. We support all of the incredible groups below; check them out:


Exposing Covid

The U.K. media along with the snakes in government are the real virus. If you don’t see the problem by now, then you are the problem.


Keep up the fight people!! We will win 💪💪💪💪All content on my page I have made purely to help the world💪

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Tales of Inkspiration

At Tales our priority is giving our clients the very best treatment, and we focus all our efforts into creating beautiful pieces of art that they are proud to wear for the rest of their lives.


We book personal consultations for every client, to discuss in detail what is wanted from the artist and ensure that every possible effort is made to create your perfect tattoo.